Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frugal or Fru-Fru?

In the past month, I have twice been asked to reach out to readers. The first was a request from DC-365, who is doing a foodie survey. The survey seeks to learn more about who DC food bloggers and their readers are, and towards the end, it includes a very interesting question: do readers want bloggers to write more about frugal living?

The second request was from Big Fuel Communications, a social media agent that is promoting a "Culinary Campaign" for Cadillac. Cadillac's hypothesis is that people who like fine food also like fine cars. Their campaign involves events across the country where people can watch celebrity chefs face off against each other and then get to test-drive Cadillacs. And who better to reach this potential market than regional food bloggers? Which is why they invited bloggers like myself to be judges of the culinary challenge in Reston, VA.

So which is it? Are foodie readers frugal or fru-fru? Are they increasingly slimming down their lifestyles for health, economic, and sustainability reasons (which is what DC-365 would like to know), or are they high value consumers of luxury products (which is what Cadillac is betting on)?  Is it possible to be both?

Help us find out by taking DC-365's survey. Click here.
Want to learn more about the Cadillac Challenge in Reston? Click here

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