Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dishes to Die For Year-in-Review: The Best of the Best

This month is the one year anniversary of Dishes to Die For. To mark the occasion, I have compiled an overview of the DC-area restaurants where I have had my best meals in the past year. I've organized them by category, and indicated the specific dishes to die for in parentheses. You can read the original posts by clicking on the name of the restaurant.

Best Fine Dining: Ris (caesar salad, Autumn Woods Pasta, pecan carrot cake)

Best Casual Dining: Nando's (chicken peri-peri, coleslaw, Adega white wine)

Best Appetizer: Dino (prosciutto)

Best Dessert: Agora (Aegean Delight)

Best Ethnic: Huong Viet (lemongrass mussels, lychee bubble tea)

Best Sandwich: Fig's Fine Foods  (labneh and za'atar on Barbari bread)

Best Pizza: Casa Nonna (The Nonna)

Best Beer: Roscoe's (St. Peter's Organic Ale) 
Best Service: Zola

These were truly memorable experiences that have stayed with me the whole year. Thanks to those who created them!

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