About this blog

If I don't love it, I don't write about it

Remember the dour face of Anton Ego, the food critic in Ratatouille?  That’s how I am:  I can have an unendearingly long face when confronted with unsatisfying food. I am hard to please. But, like  Monsieur Ego, who practically metamorphosed when served a ratatouille that was just like his maman made, I am transformed by genuinely superb cooking.
My pledge to you is never to blog about anything less than the sublime. If I were to write regular restaurant reviews, most of them would be whiny and bitter. Instead, this blog is dedicated to those solitary standout dishes, the kind that transport us into the rapturous state that is quest of all foodies. Rather than review a restaurant as a whole, I will share those moments that make me swoon whenever I come across them.

Sometimes, though, it is little things that make me happy -- some aspect of the service or the setting that make me want to return to a place even if the food itself was not transformative. I will post about those experiences as well.
And finally, since my job involves a lot of international travel, you can expect to see my favorite foodie moments from around the world documented here too.

Antoinette Ego