Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tackle Box

I'm joining the swell of voices rising in praise of Tackle Box. Their wood grilled fish is the archetype of the way I like to eat fish: simple, sustainable, a little bit smoky. It's reassuring to know exactly where to go for that now. I also loved the option of a warm grilled lemon instead of sauce, and delicious grilled veggies as sides. The food is top notch, for sure.

What I am more ambivalent about is the concept. Tackle Box is supposed to be a laid back, beachy place, but squeezed between store fronts in the Cleveland Park strip, I'm not sure it quite pulls it off. Most of the seating is at one long picnic table running almost the length of the restaurant, and it can be hard to relax crammed in between the other diners. At the height of the dinner hour it feels more mess hall than beach shack.

But as the peak ebbed and the place emptied out, we were able to sprawl out a little, take in some of those summer vacation tunes, and allow the effects of the Crackle Cocktail to take hold. Mmmm...I will be back for sure, but only at low-tide.

Wood grilled blue fish, with grilled lemon, squash and corn

Wood grilled catfish, with grilled lemon, carrots and corn

When lobster eyes are know your order is ready

Dishes To Die For: wood grilled fish; portobello mushrooms

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