Thursday, February 9, 2012

Graffiato: Reprise

After the pig's head fiasco, I returned to Graffiato for a second visit. Alone this time, I opted for a seat at the downstairs bar, right across from the pizza oven. Between the warm flames of the oven and the exposed brick wall, it was a cozy place to be on a winter's night. The waitstaff took excellent care of me. All in all, I was much happier there than upstairs, which -- as another blogger has pointed out -- feels a little bit like a cafeteria.

From my two visits, a clear favorite emerged. The dish to die for here is the crispy brussels sprouts.

I can hardly believe I am saying this. Growing up, brussels sprouts were my worst vegetable -- the kind you can't eat even when your parents try to force you. Clenched balls of bitterness, is how I used to think of them. That's because, of all the vegetables that taste bad when boiled to death, brussels sprouts taste the worst.

Brussels sprouts require a special touch. I've learned that scoring them at the base aids the penetration of heat, allowing the leaves to relax and release their nutty taste. Adding a touch of sweetener brings out the best in them.  Graffiato really nails it, complementing with pancetta and maple. The platter is generous, easily serving two hungry people who are really getting into the dish. Yum! You must order this.

Photo credit: Chris Svoboda
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Kevin Warr said...

YUMMY! I love roasted Brussels Sprouts.