Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tasting Notes: Mongolia

Yes, I'm on the road again. That means more little snippets rather than full blown posts -- like this one from a Chinese restaurant in Mongolia. One whole page of the menu was devoted to the "sea cucumber". I had no idea what the sea cucumber was, and estimated that the non-English speaking staff would not be able to help me out. So, I passed. Yeah, sue me for being a foodie failure, if you wish. Does being feeble of mind on my first day here count as a defense?

As it turned out, wikipedia has made me both regretful and thankful that I missed this opportunity. On the one hand it tells us: "There are a number of dishes made with sea cucumber as this ingredient is expected to have a strong cultural emphasis on health."  But in the next sentence: "In most dishes, the sea cucumber has a slippery texture.".

And here is their picture to prove it:

Anybody out there with knowledge of the sea cucumber? Worth braving?

For the full wikipedia entry, click here

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