Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tasting Notes: Uganda

I'm travelling for work and the pace is hectic. No time to craft any detailed posts, so here are some tasting notes of new foods of note:

In Uganda I discovered matoke, a staple made from steamed and mashed green bananas (the type of banana is also called matoke), served in its leaf with peanut sauce. Yum! I ate it with almost every meal.

And to drink: a deadly spirit: waraj, made by distilling fermented banana.

Here is a picture of the matoke banana being sold at market in Kampala (top), and being steamed in its leaves (below):

Photo credit: Moongateclimber

Photo credit: Cynthia Gherie


Matthew Radcliff said...

Do they flavor or spice the bananas in any way, or is it just plain bananas? Either way, sounds good.

Antoinette Ego said...

It's pretty bland on its own -- hence the need for the peanut sauce! The peanut sauce is mildly spicy.

matthewradcliff said...

Somehow I missed reading about the peanut sauce. That sounds great - and essential.